Who we are

Who we are

Since the brand was founded in 1992, TAMARA COMOLLI has redefined the rules of wearing fine jewelry. With our incredibly versatile designs, we help every woman express herself in a natural and effortless way. “ Effortless luxury” is what we’re all about: a feeling of freedom and happiness that lets you escape from the mundanities of everyday life. Inspired by our love of the ocean and our endless passion for the rarest, most colorful gemstones, we create surprising and playful yet elegant and feminine designs. Our iconic MIKADO Collection embodies this unique philosophy like no other. Our acorn-shaped gemstones in vibrant colors are now firm favorites of women all over the world, who wear them every day in the most beautiful color combinations and layered looks. Join us on a journey through the fascinating world of gems!

We live and breathe effortless luxury in the colorful world of gems!

Our Passion for Gemstones

Designer Tamara Comolli has always been fascinated by the incredible color intensity and variety of rare gemstones. This endless passion is particularly clear in our beloved Color Stories: gemstones in enchanting and harmonious color compositions that are truly matches made in heaven. We place great emphasis on the colors of our gemstones being unique and carefully select each gem by hand to ensure that only the most flawless ones are used in our collections. More elaborate designs –such as our iconic MIKADO Flamenco bracelet, with its 51 acorn-shaped gemstones – draw more deeply on gemstone resources, calling on our extensive expertise in sourcing raw materials. On a constant quest for nature's treasures across the globe, we also source extremely rare one-of-a-kind gemstones, like Paraiba Tourmalines and Aquamarines, which are honored in special designs, known as Collectibles.

Inspired by the Ocean

Growing up near beaches and lakes, founder and designer Tamara Comolli spent every spare moment of her childhood walking barefoot in the sand, admiring the fascinating marine landscape and collecting shimmering seashells. She has been drawn to the ocean ever since, and the inspiration for many of her jewelry designs comes from the soft flowing shapes the water creates. This is how the drop, which embellishes each of our designs and proves their authenticity, became our hallmark.

Manufacturing & Craftmanship

TAMARA COMOLLI jewelry is created to the high standards of quality set by our German-born founder, Tamara Comolli, in our company headquarters in Munich, Germany. This is where we design and develop all our jewelry and source our gemstones. We are proud to manufacture our pieces in our own atelier in Germany and collaborate with the best craftsmen and manufacturers in Italy and around the world.

Our Boutiques

Our boutiques epitomize “effortless luxury”: almost all of them are located by the water, our source of inspiration. Our first flagship store was opened in the Hamptons, followed by seven boutiques in our beloved spirit locations such as the island of Sylt, Rottach-Egern in Munich, the home of designer Tamara Comolli, and Munich, her birthplace. We also have boutiques in Palm Beach, Marbella, Forte dei Marmi and our partner boutique at VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa in Portugal.