Acorn Shape

The TAMARA COMOLLI iconic gemstone cut for all our MIKADO pendants.
It is a oval cut with a flat bottom.


The cabochon is French and means “nailhead” – already suggesting its distinct shape. Non-facetted, round or oval cut, with a flat bottom and curved top. 


The TAMARA COMOLLI goldsmiths are processing two kind of jewelry "caps" - a classic and a fairy cap. The classic cap is a closed cap, available in all gold colors. The fairy cap is an open cap with several drop-shaped holes. Creates a great perspective onto the top of the stone. Not available for MIKADO pendants with full diamond pavé.


Greywood comes from the Philippines and is perfectly combinable to all the different CASHMERE looks.

Leather plain

Pure handcrafted leather! Plain, smooth leather strap (calf skin) for your LEATHER LOOP!

Leather Ornament

Handcrafted leather with ornamental patterns! Leather strap (calf skin) with an engraved drop bordure for your LEATHER LOOP!

Ocean Jasper Picasso or Landscape pattern

Every Ocean Jasper gemstone is one-of-a-kind! Ocean Jasper is a very unique gemstone - every piece is one-of-a-kind.

Ocean Jasper pattern which reminds to art are sometimes called "Picasso" and the one which reminds to an ocean and islands can be called "Landscape".See more about the Ocean Jasper sourcing.


When many stones are set very closely together, about 1 millimeter apart, covering a surface, that is called "pavé", from the French for paved or cobblestoned.

Princess Cut

PrincessThe princess cut is a classic square gemstone cut. With its about 146 facets it is very elaborate.TAMARA COMOLLI CURRICULUM VITAE rings have up to 16 sliding princess cut gemstones all set in beautiful white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.
See more about the CURRICULUM VITAE collection.


Movable along the handcrafted leather!
A pendant, which lines up with the leather strap and is slidable on it.

TAMARA COMOLLI is offering at the moment two SLIDERS: a flower and the peace. Both sliding elements are available in all three pure gold colors and with or without a sparkling diamond.A SLIDER element comes with our handmade thick leather cord.

Snake Wood

Snake Wood, from South America, is one of the most expensive woods in the world and has its name from the red to red brown snakeskin pattern. Snakewood is extremely age-resistant and very comfortable to wear.