How to find the right size

How to find the right ring size

We'd like to give some information about measuring the ring size:
Sometimes there is a difference between the left and the right hand - they are not completely identical.

It might be that a ring which fits perfectly on the left hand is not comfortable on the same finger on the right hand.

The size of a finger is often larger in the evening as in the morning.

If you don't know your ring size - we offer a free-of-charge ring sizer.
For ordering the ring sizer, please contact our customer service by e-mail:

How to find the right bracelet size

Besides our one-size bracelets (i.e. CHARMLETS, LOOPY) we do have bracelets where the measuring is a little bit trickier. For the INDIA bracelets and LEATHER LOOP bracelets it is helpful if you know the size of your wrist. We would like to help you how to find your right wrist size:

How to measure the wrist

In order to measure your wrist, please use a measuring tape. Wrap it around your preferred wrist and note down the number, where the measuring tape meets the 0 again.If you don't have a measuring tape to hand, you can alternatively use any type of ribbon, wrap it around your wrist, mark your size or cut the ribbon. Use a ruler to measure it.

The right INDIA bracelet size

These charts will help to find the best INDIA bracelet size:

SIZEYour wrist size measurements
S15 - 17 cm
M16 - 18 cm
L18 - 20 cm

The right flip*flop size

Find the right shoe size for your pair of flip*flops: