How to travel with fine jewelry

Whether you're planning a big trip abroad, a meandering road trip or a plenty of adventures at the beach, you may have questions about how to pack your jewelry and how to prevent losing it.


Take pictures of all the jewellry you'll take with you. If a piece gets lots, you can prove your ownership. Also very useful in case of custom problems.


Pack our jewelry securely and tangle-free when travelling.

We therefore recommend to keep your jewelry one by one in a respective TAMARA COMOLLI pouch - handmade in Italy.
Moreover we offer easy, protective and beautiful packaging for travel - our leather jewelry rolls.
Our pouches and jewelry rolls keep your jewelry both organized and free from tangles and scratching.

If you are flying, pack your jewelry in your carry-on bag. Checked bags have a much greater risk of getting lost.

We recommend to use the in-room safe when you are not wearing your jewelry.

Do not wear your jewelry at the beach - sunlight, salt water or sand might harm the gemstones.

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