The Turquoise color is turquoise or apple green with a waxy luster.
Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Dyed Howlite might look similar to a Turquoise.
Turquoise is the birthstone for December.


Iran (most valuable stones), USA (most important deposits), Turkmenistan, China (Tibet)


The name “turquoise“ comes from the French “turqueise“, meaning “Turkish stone“, because it was first transported to Europe via a Turkish nation. Already the pharos valued Turquoise as ornamental stone in jewelry. It was said to warn of snakebites and protect travelers. In Tibet it is a symbol for wealth. Still today it is said to bring the wearer good fortune and happiness.

Color Story

Turquoise, Breeze

Care Recommendation

Sensitive to light, perspiration, oil, cosmetics and household detergents. It is a porous gemstone, best wiped clean gently with a moist cloth.