Polynesian Treasures

Tahitian Pearls

Some Pearls look classically pearl-like whereas others are very surprising. So-called Tahitian black Pearls are especially mysterious with their different shapes and peacock colors and many varied gradients.

Their origin is a miracle of nature. Mussels shed layers of mother-of-pearl around foreign bodies such as a sand corns, giving rise to these magical gems. Or, nowadays, mussel nuclei from the Mississippi River are inserted deliberately in their shells.

INDIA bracelet

Tahitian pearls and white gold


Pearl farming is carefully supervised in French Polynesia and has become a source of income for its inhabitants. The many years in which we have been designing Tahitian pearl jewelry have allowed us to source first hand and build close and trusted relationships with our suppliers.

Most surprising is that nobody can really explain what creates the color in the Tahitian Pearl luster. There are shades of grey and black, as well as hues of purple, pink, green and blue that glow on the surface… this is the luster! The salt and mineral content of the water, its temperature as well as the color of the oyster of the Pinctada Margaritifera mussel determine the hues. No two Pearls is alike so finding some that look identical is extremely rare.

Tahitian Grapes

bracelet rose gold


Every year, I chose from hundreds of Pearls at the Hong Kong jewelry fair for my Tahitian Pearls GRAPES Collection. Sometimes, I can’t create the exact look I would like as the variations of shades and contrasts is not large enough. The GRAPES bracelet is a perfect match with the long necklace with 9 dangling pearls, and are available in all gold colors. Both are casual and very feminine.