The Lemon Citrine color is light greenish yellow. Honey Citrine color is a light orange yellow, the Cognac Citrine color is greenish brown.
A Palmeira Citrine is orangey brown and the Madeira Citrine can be described as reddish brown. All with a vitreous luster.
Beryl, Topaz or Tourmaline look similar to Citrine.
Citrine is the birthstone for November.


USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Scotland, Argentina


Named after the citrus color of the gemstone. Was said to be the stone of light and the sun, giving merchants prospering business and preserves ones wealth when placed into a casket.

Care Recommendations

Natural Citrines are rare. Clean with warm water and soap. Do not use ultrasonic and steam cleaning. Sudden changes of temperature can also be harmful to the stone.