The color is from violet to purple with a vitreous luster.
Topaz, Tourmaline or a Spinel look sometimes similar to an Amethyst.
An Amethyst is the birthstone for February.


Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Madgascar, India and Mexico


The name derives from the Greek, meaning “not drunken” and was worn as amulet against drunkenness. Amethyst was dedicated to the roman god Bacchus and helped to differentiate between false and real friends. Amethyst also holds a high place in the ranks of the Christian church and was referred to as “the stone of bishops”.

In the past fine Amethyst was seen as valuable as Ruby and Sapphire and can therefore be found in many royal crown jewels.

Color Stories

Bohemian, Candy, Chestnut, Wildberry

Care Recommendations

The most sought after color is medium purple with pink secondary hues. Clean with warm water and soap. Do not use ultrasonic and steam cleaning.
Sudden changes of temperature can also be harmful to the stone.