TAMARA COMOLLI seeking growth
with the support of the NAGA Group


  • Pulsating cosmopolitan cities and luxury resorts with flair targeted
  • Luxury jewellery brand successful in Europe and the USA with 120 sales points
  • Investor specialising in luxury and lifestyle supports expansionary course


Gmund am Tegernsee/Hong Kong, 21 March 2018. TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry GmbH, Gmund am Tegernsee, is aiming to achieve global growth with the NAGA Group, Hong Kong, which specialises in developing luxury and lifestyle brands. As part of the planned expansion, the NAGA Group led by Damien Dernoncourt is taking over a majority shareholding in TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry GmbH as a strategic partner, and will finance the group’s growth. The company set up by Tamara Comolli in 1992 is a successful German brand in the luxury jewellery segment with sales of around 20 million euros. TAMARA COMOLLI has seven boutiques of its own and 120 points of sale in Europe and the USA (55 of which in the USA), employs around 70 staff and produces its jewellery in its own goldsmith’s studio in Rottach-Egern/Tegernsee as well as having a goldsmith manufacture in Milan. TAMARA COMOLLI epitomises casual luxury and is known for its distinctive design coupled with a philosophy attuned to the spirit of the times as well as its exceptional “colour stories” in precious stones.
Damien Dernoncourt: “We have uncovered a rare gem in Tamara Comolli!”
“Now we can take the next step in the growth of our brand with a partner by our side who is experienced in our sector and financially strong”, says Tamara Comolli who will in future focus on design and brand development as Creative Director and Executive Chairwoman. “We will target the world’s great pulsating cities, luxury resorts with flair but also new regions for us such as the Middle East and Far East. Damien Dernoncourt and his team can make a significant contribution to this process with his expertise in the jewellery area and his knowledge of the markets, above all in the Far East”, Tamara Comolli emphasises. “As an investor, we have uncovered a rare gem in Tamara Comolli. She has proved the potential of her brand and the TAMARA COMOLLI Collection on the international stage, not only in Europe but also in the USA. Tamara Comolli is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I have met in the jewellery business”, says Damien Dernoncourt who manages the NAGA Group, and as CEO quadrupled sales of the Bali-based jewellery brand John Hardy from 18 to 76 million euros from 2003 to 2014.

About TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry GmbH:
TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry GmbH which was set up by Tamara Comolli in 1992 in Gmund am Tegernsee, epitomises casual luxury and is known for its unmistakeable design and its exceptional “colour stories” with precious stones. The jewellery is made in a proprietary goldsmith’s studio in Rottach-Egern and a factory in Milan. The TAMARA COMOLLI Collection is available in seven proprietary boutiques (Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee, Munich, Kampen on Sylt, Marbella, in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and soon in Forte dei Marmi), as well as in 120 sales points in Europe and the USA. Together with 70 employees, Tamara Comolli generated sales of around 20 million euros in 2017, making TAMARA COMOLLI one of the successful German brands for luxury jewellery.

About the NAGA Group, Hong Kong:
The NAGA Group is a holding company recently set up in Hong Kong which has set itself the goal of supporting companies in the lifestyle and luxury segment with expertise and capital. Under the management of Damien Dernoncourt, an investment has already been made in TALIKA Cosmetics, Paris, as an initial transaction. TAMARA COMOLLI represents the second transaction of the NAGA Group.


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