First boutique in Italy for German-based brand

Gmund, 22.06.2018: On the road to international expansion, TAMARA COMOLLI is proud to open a first boutique in Italy. The new flagship store is located in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan town, Forte dei Marmi, an internationally renowned luxury resort on the Versilian coast.

The proximity to water – an element treasured by the accomplished German designer - makes an ideal environment for showcasing “Casual Luxury”, her unique approach to fine jewelry. Fine white sands and clear blue skies mirror the nautical spirit of the brand and are captured in the refreshing design of the boutique itself.

“I’m just thrilled to be opening my first Italian boutique here” says founder and designer, Tamara Comolli. “Italy has always had a special place in my heart. It’s part of my personal vita, and plays a significant role in producing my jewelry. The minute I saw Forte dei Marmi, I fell in love with it! The energy here is amazing. It’s incredibly elegant, yet so totally relaxed at the same time. Just like my jewelry really! It’s a perfect fit with all my brand stands for, and has exactly the right clientele. Somehow I felt it was meant to be!”

In an exclusive, airy boutique of 60 square meters, TAMARA COMOLLI invites you to a world of Casual Luxury filled with vibrant, precious gems, glittering gold and mesmerizing diamonds. Highlights include:

  • The SIGNATURE Collection with its unmistakable design element, the “drop shape.”
  • The MIKADO Collection - iconic, acorn-shaped gems in all the colors of the rainbow
  • The INDIA Collection – natural, Bohemian pieces handcrafted in exotic lands
  • BOUTON Rings with their elegant, cabochon cut and huge range of colors – made to be stacked!

The grand opening of Forte dei Marmi in June, 2018 is a milestone for the company’s development in Italy – one which began in 2017 with entry into Pisa Orologeria, a prestigious jeweller in Milan’s fashion quarter. “By investing in a local boutique, we’re convinced that doors will open elsewhere in Italy”, remarks Tamara Comolli. “Nothing is better for building awareness and love for the brand than a beautiful boutique with a unique product experience. Once Forte dei Marmi is established, we’d love to introduce the collection to other parts of the country, of course in cooperation with local jewellers.”


Tegernseer Straße 23
83703 Gmund am Tegernsee

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