Our love of flowing lines and sculptural designs is best reflected in our SIGNATURE Collection. Our new, organic Wave ring is a perfect example. Three soft drops softly embrace the finger. This new design comes in all three gold colours and also with diamonds for an extra glowing look. It is a great ring to complement all of our classic designs.
3% of all proceeds for this beautiful SIGNATURE Wave ring will be donated to the Earthbeat Foundation as a tribute to our favorite element, water. The Earthbeat Foundation stands for progress in the gold industry. TAMARA COMOLLI supports several projects in Busia, East Uganda together with the Earthbeat Foundation. 
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The new SIGNATURE Wave Ring that was created as a tribute to our favorite element, water, is the focus of our new CSR initiative in cooperation with the Earthbeat Foundation, Zurich.
3% of all proceeds for the SIGNATURE Wave ring - only from our own TAMARA COMOLLI boutiques and online-shop - will be donated to the foundation’s projects. The Earthbeat Foundation stands for progress in the gold industry. With a social business approach, the foundation’s goal is to create alternative and sustainable income structures especially for children and women working in gold mining. Effective July 1, TAMARA COMOLLI supports the following projects in Busia, East Uganda:

Heartbeat Honey & Heartbeat Garden

The temporary projects Heartbeat Honey and Heartbeat Garden aim for a sustainable lifestyle both for people and nature. The Heartbeat Honey project has already financed a one-year education for 80 goldminers to become beekeepers. With the money earned from honey and wax, the future bee farmers can establish their own social business and no longer solely depend on the sometimes dangerous work in goldmining. The Heartbeat Garden project educates locals to cultivate crops. Especially natural resources such as bamboo or vetiver can filter toxins like mercury out of the groundwater. Both resources can be sold without further processing to perfume or manufacturing industries, for example.

In addition to the above, the following projects are ongoing:

Education initiative:

The education project is widely defined and includes information on health, finance, strengthening of human rights, work protection, savings and education systems, also for children. For this, the Earthbeat Foundation collaborates with local partners and NGOs conduct workshops onsite.

Environmental initiative:

In addition, the foundation works on long-term solutions for accessing fresh drinking water. To achieve short-term aid, Earthbeat cooperated with TivaWater, laying filters to purify the groundwater as a major step in disease prevention.

Why the WAVE ring?

Designed as a tribute to our beloved element, water, the WAVE Ring symbolizes the power of nature. Together with the Earthbeat Foundation, TAMARA COMOLLI strives to give strength to the people of the Uganda gold mines and to improve their lives sustainably. As a fine jewelry brand, we are highly dependent on reliable sources for high quality gold. We highly appreciate the work of goldminers, who are securing these unique sources. Therefore, we aim to protect them and support them with donations from jewelry made of pure gold – thus giving something back to their communities in the long term.


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