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Within the TAMARA COMOLLI range, the INDIA collection is certainly one of the coolest and most popular. Our INDIA bracelets in luxurious wood and rare materials like coral and turquoise, or our INDIA leaf pendants in so many colors, are the epitome of Bohemian chic and fully embody the brand promise, Casual Luxury. Designer Tamara Comolli found inspiration for the INDIA collection while traveling to exotic countries.

She feels that “nothing is more exciting than to dive into foreign cultures, meet the artisans behind wonderful creations and discover the vision and brilliance of their craft.

Indeed, in 2012, the lasting impression made by the handcarved gemstones she discovered in Sri Lanka and Jaipur gave rise to the INDIA collection. It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure! Ever since, the magic of these cultures has been captured in TAMARA COMOLLI’s most symbolic and Bohemian pieces. 

INDIA Leaf pendants

Available in small, medium or large, in wood and a wide
array of gemstones, these pendants come directly from Jaipur!
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INDIA bracelets

Bracelets from natural materials like Snake Wood, Ebony or Greywood. They come in 2 sizes, perfect for layering! Discover More

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