Headquarter and Goldsmith


Based in Gmund at the beautiful Lake Tegernsee, the head office houses the whole German team from the design studio, stone buying through to marketing, PR, distribution and our quality control. In addition, our new Goldsmith and one of our Boutiques are also based here. Why Lake Tegernsee? This sight is truly inspirational for TAMARA COMOLLI designs. The water, the nature and holiday atmosphere create the perfect surrounding for TAMARA COMOLLI's spirit. Even our hallmark is a water drop - so creating our jewelry next to the watersight just seemed to be perfect! Thus, TAMARA COMOLLI jewelry is not exclusively designed with an Ocean Lovers heart, but it is also authentically handcrafted and manufactured with this Spirit!

Since the brand’s establishment, the high standards of craftsmanship and gemstone sourcing have been most important to us! In the headquarter based in Germany at the Lake Tegernsee, South of Munich, we ensure to sustain these principals. There, the design development, marketing department, quality control, distribution and stone buying are unified and coordinated.

However, our production is primarily based in Italy. Naturally, the production and design are created in close proximity with oversight by Tamara Comolli, while quality control and distribution are handled by the production and sales department in the head office.


Since summer 2014 we have our own in-house Goldsmith at Lake Tegernsee, allowing an even more creative design exchange and an immediate realization, leaving no details uncovered. The regional connection to Lake Tegernsee is essential to us. Only through the symbiosis of our environment and us, a unique TAMARA COMOLLI piece can evolve.

Until a new piece of jewellery evolves, our team of goldsmiths, producers and Tamara Comolli herself exchange ideas and inspirations. Several hand drawn sketches accompany the design process, leading to first models made in silver. The form of those models is constantly improved, fine-tuned and varied, until the perfect form, harmony and design are found.


For many years now, we have been cooperating with our Italian manufacture in Milano, right in the heart of the gold tradition area, leading in quality, authenticity and design. The family run business has quickly become one of the most successful jewelry manufacturers across the industry. Besides the excellent quality and craftsmanship of the manufacture production, achieved through the superior manual skills of its goldsmiths, all major steps from designing, to casting to crafting a piece of jewelry are made in-house.

Producing one single piece of jewelry requires lots of detailed production stages, which are all handcrafted. For a perfect finish, we have two quality controls in Germany and Italy. Together our jewelry pieces are the result of a successful symbiosis of Italian craftsmanship and German precision.

Our manufacture is among the very few workshops that has obtained the 'Certified gold title mark' by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 2014, and has a process of legal traceability of the product pending. Moreover our Italian partner will also strive for the 2015 international 'RJC Certification' (Responsible Jewellery Council) as requested by most of the international brands as a guarantee of quality and ethics in production.

Gemstone Sourcing

Every year, our Team of Procurement/Stones and Tamara Comolli, travel to distinct places in the world with the mission to select the best gemstones and pearls they can possibly find. It’s always an adventure and every trip is a new inspiration to our Collections and Color Stories. Most importantly, all of our gemstones are natural, ensuring the uniqueness of the TAMARA COMOLLI pieces. Thus, we only work with trusted sources and dealers. In addition, our expertise and expert knowledge ensures to select the best qualities for you!