SIGNATURE collection

Elegant, flowing designs

Our brand symbol is the drop, it is a flowing design element you will find in many of our famous designs. The drop is our hallmark and symbol of our brand, because it conveys Tamara Comolli’s personality. She grew up near beaches and a lake, so water just seemed like a natural fit - the ocean, the feeling of vacation and beeing on a beach or near water. The collection that mainly feature the drop symbol is called SIGNATURE. Part of the SIGNATURE collection are the iconic SIGNATURE rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings.

The SIGNATURE Talisman

A meaningful gift for every occasion - the SIGNATURE Talisman bracelet or pendant in 18K gold. The Talisman is highly symbolic as it features two drops which, intertwined, create the shape of a heart. A perfect symbol of love and unity - for example from mother to daughter - or as a friendship bracelet to bring good luck. The bracelet chain (no automated production involved) is handmade, making the bracelet very special. An additional golden drop dangles at the end of the bracelet as an attractive add-on. Adjustable to many wrist sizes.
The SIGNATURE Talisman pendant can be perfectly worn on a thin leather cord or on one of our chains.


Our love of flowing lines and sculptural designs is best reflected in our SIGNATURE Collection. Our new, organic Wave ring is a perfect example. Three soft drops softly embrace the finger. This new design comes in all three gold colours and also with diamonds for an extra glowing look. It is a great ring to complement all of our classic designs.

SIGNATURE Wave Ring pavé

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