Craftsmanship & Handmade

Precious jewelry made fun, accessible and inspiring.

For 25 years, TAMARA COMOLLI has been creating exquisite jewelry that is truly wearable, anytime, anywhere.

"The idea of starting up a brand 25 years ago, was to create something unusual as well as to re-define fine jewelry by leaving behind the all too dressy, too uniform jewelry that got its justification only by being branded or expensive."

Tamara Comolli
TAMARA COMOLLI Color Story Design

Tamara Comolli

Creation of a new Color Story

Creating a new piece

Until a new piece of jewelry evolves, our team of goldsmiths, producers and Tamara Comolli herself exchange ideas and inspirations. Several sketches are made in the design process, leading to first prototypes made in silver. The shape of these models is constantly modified until the perfect design is created.


In our in-house atelier on Lake Tegernsee/Germany, our goldsmiths manufacture to the highest industry standards. The development of a new design or model is made here in Germany. Here, we also take care of custom-built models and any type of repair services.

Creating a MIKADO pendant

A MIKADO pendant is a TAMARA COMOLLI most “typical” and iconic product. The pendants with the characteristic so-called "acorn" shape gemstone cut are manufactured at our in-house atelier.

Available in every color of the rainbow and three sizes, they also have a story to tell. An acorn is, of course, a traditional symbol of strength and confidence – just right for the women who wear the brand!